Lessons FAQ

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Recital FAQ

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Q. What do we wear?

A. We like to use the term 'Rock-Star Casual', no shorts but no suits. Sometimes students like to dye their hair, or wear a T-Shirt of their favorite band, that's all cool, just try not to look like you just woke up. WE WILL BE VIDEOING THE CONCERT, SO LOOK GOOD FOR TV!!

Q. When does it start?

A. We have 6 shows, and different students will be in different shows, please check the schedule for times.

Q. When do we need to be there?

A. All performers will need to arrive 15 - 30 minutes before the beginning of their show. Being late may result in not being able to participate in the show.

Q. What do I do if I am running late?

A. If you are running late or anticipate a change in your schedule, please contact Curran as soon as possible by calling us at 281-857-4075 and choosing option 2.

Q. Is there a cover charge

A. Nope

Q. How much is the recital fee?

A. This year, the recital fee will be $10 per family participating in the recital. This fee will help cover the venue rental, equipment rental, and paying all the staff and contractors helping put on the show.

Q. Can we video/take pictures?

A. Yes but please mind our videographer/photographer and the view of other people.

Q. Will there be a DVD for sale?

A. Yes!!! You can pre-purchase DVD’s in the foyer for $15. DVD’s will be ready by the following Friday.

Q. How many people can we invite?

A. Millions

Q. Can I stay for my child then leave early?

A. We understand that there are good reasons to leave in a hurry, but I would like to remind our students of the Golden Rule. We are a family of musicians that support and encourage each other, if you are the last act of the show, it can be discouraging to have half the audience leave early.

Summer Camp FAQ

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Q. Where will the camp be held?

A. Lessons with Austin 4514 Center St Deer Park, Tx 77536

Q. Should my student bring a lunch?

A. Since the camp will be dismissing at 12, students will not need to bring a lunch. On Friday, lunch will be provided before the 1 pm concert.

Q. Where will the concert be held?

A. This year, the concert will be held in the youth room at: Golden Acres Baptist Church 2812 Pansy St Pasadena, TX 77503

Q. How will my student get to the concert venue?

A. We are renting a few large vans and will be transporting the students from the studio to Golden Acres on Friday!

Q. Who can come to the concert?

A. Anyone! Invite all your friends and family!

Q. Is there a cover cost for the concert?

A. Nope!

Q. Will my student need to practice their instrument at home?

A. In order for everyone’s camp experience to be awesome, all students are required to practice their band’s songs at home. We typically ask students to practice 30-60 minutes a night during camp (depending on the student)

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