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MAY 18th-20th 2018

This May, join us at the Pasadena Fairgrounds for an awesome time of friendly competition with musicians of all different styles, ages, and backgrounds!

There are 5 different events to compete in and 2 age brackets. All contestants 15 and younger will be in one bracket, and all contestants 16 and older will be in another.




The ultimate test of musical skill, stage presence, and originality for your band.

The winner of the Battle of the Bands competition wins eight hours recording time at LWA Studios - A great start to get your original music out there!


Battle it out with other up and coming bands from the Houston area! Bands must consist of at least 3 members. There will be two age categories based on the average age of the members in the band: 17 and older, and 16 and under. Bands must be prepared to perform a total of 3 songs, including at least 1 original song and 1 cover song


All bands are encouraged to promote for the event - invite all your fans to the show!


Sing your heart out in an American Idol-style singing competition.

Vocalists will pick one song to sing for the competition. All contestants will be judged on musical ability and stage presence


Any background tracks will need to be submitted by May 12, 2017. Email your tracks to info@lessonswithaustin.com.


All vocalists are encouraged to promote - invite all your friends and fans to the show!


Showcase both your vocal abilities and your songwriting skills.

The 1st Place Winner of the Singer-Songwriter Competition wins a professional Music Video recording session - featuring you playing your original song! Great to send to friends, fans, and family (and record producers!)


The singer-songwriter competition is for musicians who write their own original music. Bring your instrument of choice, 5 copies of the lyrics to your song, and get ready to show your skills as both a musician and a writer! Participants can perform their song as a solo act or with a band


All singer-songwriters are encouraged to promote - invite all your fans to the show!



The ultimate test of a drummer's speed!
Test your drumming skills with both the Single Stroke Roll and the Buzz Roll.


For World’s Fastest Drummer, we use the patented “Drumometer” that measures drum strokes over 60 seconds. This is the same device used by Guinness Book of World Records to measure the World’s Fastest Drummer!


For the single stroke portion of the competition, results will be reviewed via Hi-Def Camera to ensure that the there were no bounces, presses or buzz.


Sing as long as humanly possible!

How long can you sing a single note? Beat the records and the odds!


Vocalists will be timed on how long they can sing “ahh” with one single breath without breaks! Vocalists can pick any pitch, and are free to change pitch at anytime without taking a breath. Timer will start as soon as the vocalist begins to sing, and will stop as soon as the vocalist stops singing or takes a breath!

See you at the Strawberry Festival!

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