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Austin Jones

Guitar, Bass, Drums

   Austin started Lessons With Austin in 2012. He’s sung and played guitar, bass, and drums for 22 years. He’s performed at many festivals, conferences, venues, radio shows, religious ceremonies, and other events over the years both as a solo artist and with his band “The Austin Jones Band” which has released 4 albums and several music videos and received radio airtime around the world.

(You can find out more about the band at www.TheAustinJonesBand.com).

   Austin has been leading worship at various churches since 1995 playing guitar, bass, and drums when needed. He loves playing and writing music because he believes music is a very honest way of expressing every type of emotion or feeling universally, and that writing ties the emotions to the practicality. He loves teaching music because it guarantees that music will be passed on to others from the students he taught himself.  

   Austin knows that every person is unique, learns differently, and is motivated and influenced by different experiences with vastly different goals. He takes time to build trust with the students to properly guide them toward their goals.  He’s had many students go on to lead worship at their own churches, record their own albums, and competed and won various talent competitions as well as participating in the LWA recitals!


Curran Rappé

Guitar, Drums

   Curran joined Lessons With Austin in 2015. He has played guitar, drums, bass, piano, and mandolin for 12 years. He’s also a great vocalist! In 2016, he wrote and recorded a 6-song EP titled “What You’re Building” by performing all the instruments on the record including vocals, and he played bass in the “Austin Jones Band” as well!  He’s also played various instruments and led worship in churches off and on for 7 years. He was a music education major after high school, took several music theory classes, and performed percussion in a classical setting. Curran has his Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering. He loves all aspects of music whether it’s writing, composing, arranging, performing, or recording. He knows that learning music can be very challenging so his goal with his students is to get them playing their favorite songs as quickly as possible so they realize how fun playing music really is! He’s had many students perform in LWA recitals with great success!


Molly Mahana


   Molly joined Lessons With Austin in 2014. She’s been singing for 23 years and has played piano off and on for 20 years.  She began performing at 5 years old and has had the opportunity to perform throughout the country. In high school, Molly participated in UIL Region choir competition every year where she consistently made Region Mixed Choir as well as musical theatre and talent shows. She’s performed on the Hobby Center stage a couple of times as well! Molly has led worship off and on for various churches, camps, d-nows, and special services since she was 15.  She took piano for 8 years when she was younger and studied music theory throughout high school and parts of college.

   Molly loves singing because it’s a way to share herself with others. It’s her own voice that is unique to her. She knows that singing can feel very personal and vulnerable so  she approaches each student with that in mind and helps them work through any nerves they may have. She strives to give her students a well-rounded, all-inclusive education that includes mechanics, genre, and stage presence so they can tackle any performance with confidence. She’s had students record their own album, participate and place in UIL Region choir competition, audition for TV talent competitions, compete in various talent competitions in the area, and perform in LWA recitals!


Sayer Kral


   Sayer joined Lessons With Austin in 2013. He has been playing drums for 9 years. In addition to teaching here at LWA, he has also played for worship services since he was 16.  He’s helped lead worship at various churches, camps, d-nows, and conferences throughout the state. Currently, he’s working with his friend on an EP called “Not My Own.”  His approach to teaching drums is to build a solid foundation with the student first and then build upon those fundamental skills.  He knows that “slow is fast, fast is slow,” meaning, practicing things slow helps the student learn faster because they aren’t rushing the learning process. If they go at something fast, the student won’t be able to precisely master the material. Sayer has had students perform in our recitals and even had a few go on to lead worship in their churches!


Tommy Scott


  Tommy joined Lessons With Austin in 2016.  He’s been playing piano for 15 years.  He began taking lessons at 11 years old and immediately excelled.  He was a student at Kingwood Music School where he studied advanced music theory and mastered the art of classical music.                

   Tommy played piano for the school orchestra, ballet, and choir and competed in, and won, many competitions such as State UIL, GUILD, and even the NAACP.  At 16, he was selected out of many applicants around the globe to participate in the famous Rice University Summer Program for Musicians. He’s played in the Brazosport College Jazz Band and earned a degree in Piano Performance at Florida A&M University as well as a  Music Theory Teaching Certificate from Houston Baptist University.  He has played for various events, recitals, churches, and weddings over the years.  

   Tommy’s desire for his students is for them to know and understand the foundational skills and theory of piano.  He starts at the very beginning to make sure that his students are prepared and well-equipped more difficult skills down the road. Tommy has had students perform in the LWA recital with great success!


Darian Hernandez

Guitar, Drums

  Darian joined Lessons With Austin in 2016.  He has played guitar, piano, and drums for 4 years. He’s also a great vocalist! He plays multiple gigs throughout the year and works with other musicians on their projects and performances. He’s currently studying Audio Engineering at Lee College and enjoys constantly learning new aspects of music and performance.  His approach to teaching guitar and ukulele is thinking of his students, young and old, as future musicians instead of just students.  Darian has had multiple students perform in LWA recitals in the past year when they were still brand new beginners!