Ukulele Lessons

Woman playing ukulele vintage style. Woman playing ukulele vintage style.

Group and Private Ukulele classes for ALL ages offer a variety of benefits:

HIGHLY SKILLED TEACHER - Guiding students on the most effective and efficient path to success.
OPTIMIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCE - Better, faster results on the ukulele.
COMMUNITY OF STUDENTS - encouragement, support and accountability.
PERFORMANCE ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT - Overcome nervousness and stage fright, develops confidence.

When you sign up for a class you will get:

Weekly 1-hour group or private ukulele class sessions.
Binder with sheet music.
Free drum loops/tempo tracks to aid with timing.
Access to video/audio recordings of the classes. 
Digital PDF copies of the handouts. 
2 optional student concert-recitals per year.


Become the musician you always wanted to be.

Professional Guitar Instruction in the Pasadena /

Deer Park / La Porte area

Now offering Skype Lessons

What you can expect from your Ukulele Lessons

Progress at YOUR own pace!

Learn the songs you want to learn!

Curriculum tailored to meet your goals!

On average our students learn their first song within 2-4 weeks!

How do i get started?

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