Vocal Lessons

Confidently reach your full potential

with professional vocal instruction.

Private Instruction ($200/mo)
(a 5% discount for paying online, second and consecutive siblings receive a 10% discount)


Our private, personalized vocal programs for ALL ages offer a full range of benefits:

HIGHLY SKILLED TEACHER - Guiding students on the most effective and efficient path to success.
OPTIMIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCE - Better, faster results with your singing ability.
COMMUNITY OF STUDENTS - encouragement, support and accountability.
PERFORMANCE ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT - Overcome nervousness and stage fright, develops confidence.

When you sign up for a class you will get:

Weekly 1-hour group or private vocal class sessions.
Binder with sheet music.
Free drum loops/tempo tracks to aid with timing.
Access to video/audio recordings of the classes. 
Digital PDF copies of the handouts. 
2 optional student concert-recitals per year.


How will a private vocal program benefit you?

Helps you maximize your range; most people only comfortably utilize 30-40% of their potential range.
Enables you to comfortably reach your highest note as well as your lowest
Teaches you to smooth out all rough spots/breaks in your range; difficult notes will be made easier
Physical: understand your body's mechanics and control your vibrato
Develop music ears through effective ear training: control the fancies, find your pitch, smooth out long notes and learn to harmonize with the opportunity to sing in a group
Performance opportunities: sing in church with worshop leader experts, talent show, solo & ensemble competition, sing in a band
Groove - finding and developing a powerful and effective rhythm